Letterheads Australia 2019


Letterheads are a group of like minded Signwriters & Associated Crafts People and Wannabe Craftspeople, who get together annually to spend three or four days every year of being "Keepers of the Craft", sharing hints, tricks, ideas, workshops, friendships and some healthy competition too…


It's not only for those interested in the "old ways" - most of the regular attendees have some of the foremost Digital Printers & CNC routers in the industry as well as having a love for the "Craft " they began with. It's a tremendous opportunity for networking, as well as sharing stories , skills, and ideas in a relaxed and friendly manner with the "Brothers and Sisters of the Brush ".......
Sharing your knowledge and skills in Traditional Signwriting, Gold Leaf , Pinstriping, Air Brushing, Lettering, Sandblasting and a lot lot more….


Come along and have a go! Three days of camaraderie, good times, exceptional artworks, new friends, good food, the occasional bevvy and moments of sheer madness. This is one you shouldn't miss.

Eugene Guye